Madam Gres Vogue Paris Original from 1957

Daughter has a University Winter Ball to go to….so I have decided to try and make Vogue 1386 for her….

1957 (1).jpg

The first mock up from this pattern is from calico, just to see if I could even get it together (these pattern pieces are amazingly complex – it is like a jigsaw puzzle crossed with origami!)


So far – so good – now I just have to work out the fitting issues for the next mock up, hopefully in some cheap satin to see if it works…and then maybe the final garment will be in velvet……


Worn in…

This is by no means a new make – I made it for the Goondiwindi B & S back in 1993… I think you could have wrung out a good Bundy Rum or two after it’s first night – but it was on constant rotation after that for quite a while…

This is now (I think) her 4th time at wearing it – gawd knows how many more wears this humble little black dress will have….

Mmmm…and who wore it best….lol….Cus10235a

Monday: Mend-day

I found this interesting back wrap¬†dress at the local op shop looking a bit worse for wear. The shirring elastic across the front neckline had perished, and it weirdly tied from the back around the front, which made it look way too busy or fussy…

I replaced the shirring on the neckline with 3 rows of gathers (firmly anchored) and then changed the ties so now it does up in a bow at the back (pleasingly asymmetrically).

I rather think it will get a new lease on life this Spring!



Winter weddings

1975 1102

Daughter has been invited to a wedding this weekend – a good enough excuse for a new dress…

The lovely heavy crepe fabric that I used for this was gifted to me – it came rolled up around a pristine calendar from 1957, so I have no idea of what age it might be.

Pattern is Vogue 1102 – Belinda Bellville