Cafe Latte

When things don’t go so well sewing wise, I sometimes ‘dolly frock’ to clear the senses….
Combinations and petti from a 1916 pattern;
I have a big bin of calico cuttings – used and re-used for previous toiles…Once it get to really small scraps, it is perfect for dolly frocking….a bit of leftover lace and latte ribbon and it is done..
Maybe I will even get the chance to work on the nightgown tomorrow..



William Morris inspiration?

The fabric for this 1919 blouse came from an old ‘Art silk’ sari that had been converted into a failed 1920’s dress by it’s previous owner…It was given to me to try and rescue…I gave up and made this one instead….
The trimming was a tiny scrap of butter coloured silk dupion
I rather think it all turned out rather William Morris like…