Kwik Sew – a really quick sew


Ok, I have absolutely no experience in sewing stretch swimwear, or much experience in stretch at all… so it was with extreme trepidation I started to sew up this Kwik Sew pattern from 1988


Making life even more difficult, I decided to fully line it (not being too sure that the lighter colour would remain opaque when wet)

Surprisingly enough – once I had figured out the tension on both the over locker and the sewing machine – it went together extremely easily! The hardest part was cutting it out (I have noticed that a lot of swimwear seamstresses tend to use rotary cutters but I just hacked away with scissors that felt really quite blunt on the lycra)

I liked how it turned out so much, I am halfway through finishing the two piece now!




  1. Well done, it looks fabulous and really makes me long back to 1988! I did an underwear course in November because I used to be scared silly of sewing with lycra…I was surprised how easy it really can be!

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    1. Now that I have completed both of the Kwik Sew bathers, I wonder why it took so long for me to dive in to sewing with Lycra – it is pretty forgiving – and the results end up pretty professional…even if I say so myself…and yes, I remember 1988 too, and my high cut bathers…lol..

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