Flukes don’t count


My Dad’s only sport was Snooker, and was damn good at it. He would give me a 50 head start, and still slay me…and if I ever made a really good shot, he would always joke that ‘Flukes don’t count’

I have to admit that my knitwear experiences have been pretty hit or miss up until now – but sewing is a lot like Snooker, in that practice (and concentration) will help to improve my techniques.

For Uni, Daughter wants a mix and match wardrobe of ‘boyfriend’ type clothing – and to my horror – made of a great deal of cool knitwear that I have stashed… Time to start practicing!

This remnant of knit was in a $5 bag of fabric from the op shop – it’s token worth probably about 50c. The pattern was 20c.

The sewing is certainly not technically perfect (far from it) but it has been deemed an acceptable neckline by daughter, and Husband tried it on and it is a perfect fit, and will probably wear it on the ride on mower down the back paddock ….which is probably the best angle to view it from…

Win, win, win! I got some necessary practice, Daughter has decided on neckline she wants, and Hubby has scored a new ‘around the house’ T-shirt for 70c (…and I know what pattern to reach for when he wants a proper new T-shirt)


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