Book Week – 2009 – Queenie’s Diary


Left to Right:

Audrey – Queenie’s younger sister. The diary opens with Queenie’s family at the beach and she and Audrey going for a swim

Hilda Withcombe: Queenie’s Dorm Companion – so dressed for bed

Ruth George: wearing a Travelling Dress and Coat as Ruth attended the school as a boarder (she came from Thursday Island)

Jessie Coogan: wearing Tennis Dress as she is often mentioned in the diary as having played a good game of tennis with Queenie

Marjorie Barnett: went on to become Matron of the Local Hospital – dressed in white to attend Church on Sundays

Ida Adcock: made the basketball team and is dressed in a ‘sporty’ type dress

Queenie: Dressed for Presentation Night (she won awards for Geography and Book-keeping)  

qd4 qd3 


Also Miss Charlotte Hodgens – Languages Teacher (French Latin and Greek)

Missing on the first day: Thelma Tritton – Dorm Companion and Classmate

All up: 3 months to complete; 9 people;51 items of clothing including 2 corsets; more than 180 buttonholes…

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